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The Molecule That Made us


H2O: The Molecule that Made Us from PBS, is a landmark, three-part series that tells the human story through our relationship to water. We find out how our success is intimately connected to our control of the molecule, but that the growth of our civilizations has also created a dangerous dependence on a precious resource. One that may be about to run out.

Our team Christiaan Munoz Salas, Moris Munoz and Christian Munoz Donoso were responsible for filming the sequence about the super bloom of the desert in Namaqualand, an arid region between Namibia and South Africa and also in the Atacama desert in Chile. Here motion controlled systems were used to show the change between the dry season and the defloration season, achieving stunning images rarely seen. The series also shows behind the scenes how we managed to carry out this sequence.

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