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Munoz Salas

Wildlife Filmmaker - Timelape Photographer

Christiaan Muñoz Salas is a professional cinematographer, filmmaker and photographer based in the volcanic area of Araucanía Region, in the south of Chile. He studied in UNIACC university in Santiago de Chile, where he graduated and specialized in long and short fiction films, documentaries, and observation films. He has been involved in natural history filmmaking since his earlier days, following the steps of his father, working close to him in many productions, leading him to love and learn from nature and its behavior through a camera, which has now become his full-time job for the last ten years. 


As well as storytelling, he also has an extensive knowledge on film equipment and technology, which includes the latest ultra-high definition digital cinema cameras and high-speed digital cameras, film cameras, motion-controlled systems, gimbals, drones and many more. He also learned to operate Cineflex, GSS and Shotover systems, mounting them on boats, cars, and jib arms.

Long lens is one of the main skills he has learned over time. Feels comfortable carrying around heavy equipment and using large cameras and lenses, but he is also able to use many other techniques, including macro photography as well as drone cinematography. 


His work has been featured in a variety of films around the globe, which more recently includes Netflix's “Our Great National Parks”, streaming now, for which he was nominated for a PrimeTime Emmy Award for Cinematography in 2022, and CNN’s “Patagonia: Life at the Edge of the World” series, released on June 2022.


Past works include Chilean television channel Chilevision wildlife series “Wild Chile”; Animal Planet/Discovery Channel's "Wild Expectations" which holds the Emerging Talent award in the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2017; BBC's mini landmark series "Patagonia: Earth's Secret Paradise"; "Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur" which holds the Special Jury Award price at Wildscreen 2016 and BBC's Planet Earth II which holds BAFTA as well as PrimeTime Emmy Awards in 2017.

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