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Munoz Salas

Colorist and Aerial Cinematographer

Moris is a Colorist and drone operator specializing in Natural History.

He has extensive experience filming wildlife. His dedication to the craft,  began in the field at a very young age as part of the family business.


Immediately after graduating from film school at UNIACC University, in Chile, Moris started his career working as a permanent colorist on a film advertisement production company and years later moved into the freelance world.


His previous studies were in IT computer systems, networking and telecommunications which gave him a background in understanding the technical aspects of video engineering in addition to giving him the perfect tools and knowledge for combining the aesthetics and technical features of a digital image.


Early in his film degree studies at college, Moris began learning UAVs as a hobbyist, when the drone market was not jet established and UAVs were entirely manually controlled with analog signals and no GPS assistance.

With limited knowledge on how to control these early machines, Moris persevered acquiring the necessary skills to expertly control a film drone / UAV.

When the drone market exploded for the high-end film industry, Moris was uniquely

positioned to take advantage of this as he was now able to combine his applied knowledge of filmmaking along with his UAV expertise and his networking and telecommunications knowhow, all with the end game to operate film drones in the Natural History film production world.


Moris comes from a family of award-wining Natural History film producers and cinematographers. Being exposed at an early age to wildlife, gave him an important head start in respecting and understanding the dynamics of wildlife behavior,

the natural world and conservation. This knowledge lead him to have an invaluable insight into the characteristics required for producing wildlife films.


To date, Moris has worked with various production companies including, BBC Natural History Unit, NatGeo, Smithsonian Channel, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, providing services and footage.

He is currently in production on two ongoing landmark wildlife series.

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