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Filming at Patagonia



(BBC Studios / NBC Universal)


Equilibrio Films is a family-owned company created 26 years ago by Chilean filmmaker Christian Munoz Donoso. During those years Equilibrio through Christian and his sons, Moris Munoz Salas and Christiaan Munoz Salas, have participated in documentary productions and films about the natural world for the main television networks around the world. From fixing, production and direction to being the lead cinematographers in important award-winning productions worldwide such as the Emmy, Bafta, The Royal Television Society Award among others.

In these productions, the Munoz family has used state-of-the-art digital cinematography cameras, as well as cutting-edge technologies to capture never-before-seen behavior of flora and fauna, such as motion controlled systems, GSS camera stabilization systems, drones, time lapse technology, among others, thus managing to shot impressive time-studies of season changes in deserts, forests and mountains and, of course, images of Patagonian pumas. Being the only cinematographers in the world who have filmed the same population of pumas in Patagonia for 12 consecutive years, they have managed to capture in images for the first time the breeding of cubs, mating, social behavior between pumas, fights, etc. Christiaan Munoz Salas is the first professional cameraman to film a puma hunting guanacos in the wild, in Torres el Paine National Park in the winter of 2016.

Today the Munoz family partnered with talented filmmakers continues to innovate and record new images for the most important television channels around the world. . Netflix, BBC, HBO, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel among others will continue to be the window that takes the work of these Chileans to the world, pioneers in the production of Natural History documentaries in Chile.


The work of Equilibrio Films, has been part of some of the most relevant natural history documentaries produced to date including Americas (BBC-NBC), Predators (Netflix), Ou Great National Parks (Netflix), Planet Earth II (BBC). It has also been part of other landmark series such as The Wild Andes (NatGeo), Patagonia: Earths Secret Paradise (BBC), Expedition Wild: Chile (Nat Geo), Andes Animal Kingdom (Smithsonian Channel, L&S), Wild Expectations (Animal Planet / Discovery Channel), Earth’s Greatest Spectacles (BBC), Wild Chile Series ( CHV) and Wild View (USA)

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Awards & Nominations:

Equilibrio Films and its production team are all award-winning filmmakers that have been recognized

by the industries premier wildlife film festivals such as Wildscreen International Film Festival (UK)

and Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival  (USA). Their awards include 7 Emmy nominations and 4 Emmy awards for their production of  Wild View a documentary about New England wildlife. 1 Emmy Award Nomination for Outstanding Cinematography for Our Great National Parks (Netflix) , 1 Emmy Award nomination for Andes Animal Kingdom (Smithsonian Channel)

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