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Photography: Rodrigo Moraga



Wildlife Filmmaker - Executive Producer

Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer, Christian has worked steadily as an industry professional for over 25 years.

Through his company, Equilibrio Films, LLC, he has helmed productions ranging from feature films and wildlife documentaries to prime-time television shows and commercials. With a fervent commitment to his craft,  Christian continues to add to his growing list of accomplishments.


His work has been featured in productions from the mayor natural history networks from all around the world including National Geographic, BBC Earth, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and ZDF.  Recent productions include: Netflix's "Predators", BBC's "Americas", National Geographic's "Pumas: Legends of the Ice Mountains", Smithsonian Channel’s “Andes Animal Kingdom”, NatGeo Wild’s  "Destination Wild: “Wild Chile”, Animal Planet / Discovery Channel's "Wild Expectations"; BBC's mini landmark series "Patagonia: Earth's Secret Paradise"; " BBC's "Planet Earth II", which won the  BAFTA as well as Prime Time Emmy Awards in 2017.

His personal creation “Wild View” was New England's first wildlife documentary filmed in Ultra-High Definition, providing the sharpest image quality available at the time. In 2011 Christian’s Wild View, earned four of seven Emmy Awards nominations including Outstanding Director, Outstanding Photography, Outstanding Audio and Outstanding Musical Composition.

In the year 2017 Christian was able to realize his dream of life and debt that he had with his country. Making a documentary series about the nature of Chile; "Wild Chile; Un Viaje Salvaje" was made with the contribution of the National Television Council of Chile (CNTV) and made together with his sons Christiaan and Moris along with a talented team of Chilean professionals.


While capturing extraordinary wildlife footage is his passion, it has not always left Christian unscathed. In 1997, on the final day of production on a documentary about Pumas in The Andes, he found himself in a face-to-face confrontation with the same animal he had been filming just the day before: a 200lb male Puma. 

With the help of a friend, Christian was able to fend off the animal but not before being badly injured during the encounter. He spent the next 24 hours lying injured in a nearby cabin waiting to be evacuated all the while the puma circling outside.

This attack left some physical scars but Christian was determined to finish his filming and returned a week later to do just that, reaffirming his commitment, love and dedication in documenting these special big cats, a dedication that continues to this day.

Christian, his sons and his tight production team are considered by many to be the the most prolific and experienced puma filmmakers working in the business today. Being the only cinematographers in the world who have documented for 12 consecutive years the same population of pumas in Patagonia.

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