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Smithsonian Channel

"THE WILD ANDES captures in ultra-high definition animal behaviors that have never been seen before, soaring aerials, stunning time-lapses and super slow-motion cinematography, bringing the little-known world of the Andes directly into viewers' homes. The longest mountain chain in the world, the Andes stretch for more than 4,000 miles along the western edge of South America. From the tropical peaks of the Northern Andes shrouded in cloud forest to the ice fields of Patagonia, the Andes is a place of paradox and wonder, where extreme conditions have given RISE to an extraordinary biodiversity with many species found nowhere else on Earth.

Once again our team Christiaan Munoz Salas and Christian Munoz Donoso in long lenses and Moris Munoz Salas in aerial cinematography were assigned to film the episode "Patagonia Untamed" in Torres del Paine and surroundings. On this occasion we managed to film the reproductive behavior of the torrent duck, condors, guanacos and of course the specialty of our team... New behavior of one of the most elusive big cats, the Puma.

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