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2.- Predators

Two trips of 45 days each. One trip in winter and the other in summer. More than fifteen people made up the team and a puma with her four cubs showed us how difficult life is for pumas in Patagonia.

Without a doubt, of the 12 consecutive years that we have been filming pumas in Torres del Paine National Park and Estancia Laguna Amarga in Chilean Patagonia, this has been one of the most extraordinary assignments, but at the same time one of the saddest in which I have had to work.

Although it was one of the most extraordinary jobs from a professional point of view, since I was able to film everything and more than what I had been assigned and I was also able to film a puma hunting a guanaco at 120 frames per second, resulting in the most impressive never filmed until this date of a puma hunting in the wild. But this assignment was also the saddest since 2 of the 4 cubs in our film were killed by a puma unknown to us, a male that only passed through the place. The cubs were already grown, more than 10 months old. It broke our hearts to witness how raw life is for pumas in Patagonia. It was hard for me to film the inert body of one of the cubs, which only the afternoon of the day before I filmed her playing in the snow with his brother and sisters and Rupestre, his mother.

Nature is like that, life is like that and one is only a spectator, one is only part of the intricate chain of life and death on this, our planet earth.

Christian Munoz Donoso


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