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It took two trips and three months on location to be able to make the three-minute sequence about the blooming of the Atacama Desert in the year 2022.

Ever since I first filmed the blooming of the Atacama Desert for the documentary "Atacama: the Flowering Desert", I have tried to film as many blooms as possible. Although super blooms occur every 5-10 years this is predictable as it is preceded by copious rains in the desert.

From a very young age my children, Moris and Christiaan have accompanied me to film the blooms. First we came with heavy super 16mm film equipment, a photo camera, another video camera and with a restricted budget, today we do it with the latest generation digital cinematography technology, a battery of lenses and motion controlled system equipment to capture what The human eye cannot see with the naked eye... the transformation of the driest desert in the world into a garden full of life.

Today my children are adults, they studied film production and have become professionals filmmakers, which is a source of pride for me as a father and we still continue and will continue filming every bloom in this and other deserts around the world.

Christian Munoz Donsoso


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