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Cesar Santana

Operador de Drone 

Cesar has worked with prestigious international productions, including Light & Shadow Productions, BBC, True to Nature, Saint Thomas Production, CNN, and Wildlife Films by Dereck and Beverly Joubert, renowned African wildlife filmmakers and conservationists. His work experience includes documentaries such as "Wild Andes", "Wild Chile", "Mountains", "Patagonia: Earth's Secret Paradise", "Predators", "Puma: Legend of the Ice Mountain", as well as various advertising and stock footage projects.


Cesar has also collaborated on Emmy-nominated documentaries, such as "Chilean Patagonia", which is part of Netflix's "Our Great National Parks" series and was narrated by Barack Obama. In this work, the beauty of Chilean Patagonian landscapes and the challenges facing its biodiversity are explored. Additionally, he has worked on projects with award-winning Chilean documentarian Christian Muñoz-Donoso, who has portrayed the beauty and challenges of Chilean biodiversity. Along with Christian Muñoz-Donoso and his son Christiaan Muñoz Salas, they have worked on several projects that combine their passion for nature filmmaking with their commitment to wildlife conservation.


Cesar's collaboration with Cyril Barbancon, a French filmmaker and cinematographer, led him to document floods in Paraguay for Saint Thomas Productions. This was a demanding project that required speed and problem-solving skills to work in difficult conditions.


Regarding his personal perspective and work philosophy, Cesar is always willing to find solutions to streamline work times. For him, nature and wildlife are topics that deserve to be explored and protected, and film is a powerful tool to achieve this. He strives to create images that convey the beauty and importance of wildlife and always seeks to collaborate with other filmmakers, scientists, and experts to obtain a more complete and accurate view of the topics he addresses.

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