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4.- Planet Earth II

We traveled from the Bolivian Altiplano to the dunes of the Peruvian desert for the second part of one of the most iconic series in the history of nature documentaries for television worldwide, "Planet Earth"

Undoubtedly witnessing more than 60 thousand flamingos in Laguna Colorada in Bolivia has been one of the most overwhelming spectacles that we have had to observe. It has been a lifetime experience to be able to film these flamingos, mostly James's flamingos, feeding, laying the eggs in their nests and gathering in the hot springs that flow to one side of the lagoon so as not to get trapped in the ice that forms. in the mornings But this was only the gateway to what would be an assignment of 2 trips of 20 days each to achieve one of the most difficult sequences that we have had to film, the transformation that the mist produces in the hills of the northern Peruvian desert. from Peru.

With almost 34 degrees Celsius and walking in the middle of the desert with more equipment than each one of us can carry, we look for the most appropriate places to record the change that occurs between summer and winter. The mission: Film landscape shots with a slider in summer and then repeat that shot in winter with the same movement and luminosity to be able to observe in just seconds how the plants cover the ground with a green mantle, the rocks and the old trunks of the few trees that exist in the place.

It takes us several hours to frame, plan the movement and take the shot without knowing if it will work or not. Sometimes only a slight breeze prevents us from filming, other times the clouds that form in the desert prevent us from doing the job and we must wait until the next day or until the conditions allow it to be able to take only one shot of no more than 5 seconds long.

Thus, every day for 20 days in winter and 20 days in summer we managed to take half a dozen shots that ended in a 70 second long sequence that you can see in the episode "Planet Earth II: Deserts".


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