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3.- Wild Argentina

From hummingbirds and condors to elephant seals and orcas we filmed for this series that showcases the natural wonders of Argentina.

The Equilibrio Films team had the honor of being assigned to work on this series produced by Light & Shadow of Germany for National Geographic in co-production with other European companies. Here we had the responsibility of being the main cameramen in the episode "Dangerous Waters" and secondary cameramen in the episode "Land of Survivors".

For several years we have filmed nature in Argentina, but without a doubt this series has touched our hearts more than any other since we had to delve into the life of the different species more than on other occasions. Condors in the Patagonian mountains feeding on the frozen bodies of guanacos that have fallen prey to pumas, thousands of elephant seals fighting for the right to reproduce, Magellan penguins nesting at more than 30 degrees Celsius on Patagonian beaches.

Witnessing this hard fight for survival is reflected more markedly than ever on the beaches of Peninsula Valdes at the time of the birth of the sea lions. Pups playing in the waves at the seashore without knowing, they are watched by orcas that travel the coast at high tide in search of their prey, waiting for the right moment to attack. Once the tidal and visibility conditions are correct, family groups of orcas launch, one by one with all their might, to the beach, leaving them almost stranded on the sand in order to capture the pups, then with a dexterity that has learned by generations return to the water with their trophy.

We can predict when the orcas will attack the pups and at that moment the heart contracts knowing which of those little ones will have the misfortune to be the orcas' food. As cameramen we only witness events that occur in nature and therefore we cannot intervene in their course, we can only learn to respect predators and prey and how they have learned to survive in this natural world that is in constant struggle for survival.


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