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"Andes to Amazon" is a 2000 nature documentary TV series co-produced by the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol, England and Animal Planet, first transmitted in the UK on BBC2 in November 2000. In other territories it was broadcast under the title Wild South America

Each of the six 50-minute episodes portrays a different aspect of the South American continent. The series features extensive aerial photography of major landforms shot by Bob Fulton, and footage of rarely glimpsed animals in the wild. 

Christian Munoz Donoso was assigned as local fixer and producer for the Andes episode. Although Christian shot for this series impressive images on Super 16mm film of Fabian's lizard fighting, southern parakeet feeding on Monkey-puzzle tree pine nuts and a the '97 super bloom in the Atacama desert , none of the shots were used in the series.  Subsequently the shots of the Atacama formed an essential part of the documentary "Atacama: The Flowering Desert", winner of the Jackson Hole Newcomer Award and Nominated at the Wildscreen Wildlife Film Festival as a finalist. This being the first nature documentary produced and directed entirely by Christian and which was shown in +/- 100 countries around the world.

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